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Unboxing Life

November 21, 2009
I agree there may be a possibility of life on other planets, or there may be another universe other than our solar system. But I do not think that if we give theory of life on other planets then water is the only proof for survival of life. Scientific research is spending money wastefully to find water. There may be completely different means that are present for the survival of life on other planets or universe. We cannot necessarily relate our earth with other planets where life is possible.
There may be other sources that we may be unaware of; that can sustain and nourish life. We need to find life rather water. And even life that we assume exist on other planets may have very different and strange form than what we always try to relate with our earth. I doubt even if we find traces of water on other planets that can validate possibility of life as if its like Dead Sea on earth. Therefore we need to broaden our thinking and lets not try to relate life on earth with life on other planets or universes.
May be life on other planets is not a kind of life that we used to live. May be we can survive there or may be we cannot survive there but still other forms of life that belongs to that world can live happily there. May be those forms of life can survive on earth or they may cannot also survive on earth. I name this theory UnBoxing life. We do not have to box life in the very world we live in, let us unbox this concept and do not bound it with temperature, water and all the reasons we have for it on our planet earth.

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