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Hobson’s Choice

December 13, 2007

Hobson’s Choice May 2005

Life is more worse than you can think of it
And there is no escape unless you taste of it

I was hopeful of good in life but
I lost my passion when I was hurt

I delved in life to find delight
But then I realized its fruitless sought

Life sometimes dazzled us by its light
And these are delusions of our sight

Life was hobson’s choice for me to select
And even then it has no regret

Life is a certain je ne sais quois I thought
And whatever was worst it brought

Life is a deluge and I have no life-boat
All I have to do is, follow its rough route

hobson’s choice = The choice of taking what is offered or nothing at all
je ne sais quois= Something indescribable of high quality

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