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etiquette for recipient list in email

November 15, 2009
Email has revolutionized our way of communication. And we have learned formulas and etiquette to write salutations, professional or daily emails, email signatures (WiseStamp), benefits of subject.

We most of the time need to send email to more than one recipients, we create groups, or tend to add recipient email addresses. Many time I received email which the sender sent to other recipients including me. For example invitation to party, plan for going out, or news/event of something important. I always tend to notice the order my email address specified in the TO box. Somewhere this is the way I consider the order of my importance among other persons. Even when I used to send email, and if it happens that I have to send email to my supervisor among my friendly colleagues then I tend to specify the email address of my supervisor firstly. Even I also used to specify the email addresses in the order I feel importance of recipients or sometime I take revenge to the same person by mentioning his email address at the end.

Is this evil or good? Is this anything important to consider? I always followed this attitude whenever I receive group email or send email and tried to hide from all. One day my friend mentioned that he was listening some radio talk show about this issue of ordering email recipients. Then I figured out that I am not all alone in this world, and let it be acknowledged.

Now point is how to behave well and solve this problem in a more acceptable and ethical way. One most important ordering algorithm is to sort by alphabetic order. It worked when in my college we do team course projects, on time-sheet in office, title of book with coauthor names and many other places. So lets order alphabetically and get rid of this evil.

Everyday we all need our well-being increase to let us walk in life optimistically. May be with this small change we can relieve many people of that couple of seconds of frustration and judgment. There may be many places where specific order is required especially emailing in office to boss, or may be diplomatic emails. But if it is not the case then why should not we make alphabetic ordered list. Let us call this E for R (Etiquette for Recipient list).

And now I really demand a feature from all email applications to develop a feature of alphabetic ordering of recipient list. I have learned that as we are adding years in our life we are becoming more sophisticated. And our ways of social interactions are becoming more accessible, remote and more virtual reality. And there is growing burden to develop a sense of responsibility and etiquettes to be more acceptable and polite in versatile society.

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