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Automatic or manual NOESIS

November 14, 2007

Life is not just what our life is all about, or how we think life is, or how we see it or feel it. Life is combination of different colors, and these different colors switch our modes every moment we live i.e., when we see blue color our brain releases relaxing hormones. These different colors of life define our behaviors and our behaviors are defined by our philosophy that we have devised for our self-image about life. Our behavior does not necessarily depict to the external world what is inside of us. Suppose if I am laughing it does not necessarily mean that I am happy. To exactly and precisely infer any result from anyone’s behavior there are behavior determinants.

There are billion humans living in this world and still humans have feelings of loneliness and insecurities. There are people who are confident, bold and sharp enough to face the adversities and it seems they are mature and have learnt to live a life. But actually this is not the case. First let see other kind of people who are shy, diffident, timid and dull. But still they are living and fighting life for their survival. And it seems they are immature and are not ready to face the world or haven’t learnt much about life. But the question is still they are living and facing the world somehow. After so many years it became possible for me to learn what the possible reasons are and what exactly is true. First let’s consider there are two persons A and B. Person A is bold and confident and Person B is somewhat coward and timid. These two persons are given a task that is somewhat difficult to do. The two common features of both persons are: they are hardworking and consistent and focused towards their goals. Now let’s see what steps come to any human’s mind when he is assigned a difficult task:


Thanks to one of my friends who someday shared the above idea with me. This is how every automatic or manual cognitive process works. But the major difference between Person A and Person B is that of being unaware of these mental cognitive processes and being aware. Now there is one good and one sad news to Person B, he is very much aware of his mental noesis but unfortunately that awareness comes with one major fault and it is that his noesis is manual not automatic. Though even person A has so many incidences where his automatic noesis cannot cover every possible case and he has to manually deal with it. But still there is one assistant that is his automatic noesis that helps him deal with it. Life offers same challenges to everyone but the difference comes how we deal with them. It is not the case that Person B is not capable or don’t have special reason to live a life but the case is his manual noesis makes him somewhat slow and confused. Because Person A don’t have to do conscious processing about making decisions from simple one what he wants to eat while going out with his friends or colleagues.

But the greatest question is world is not the same, world is progressing at a very fast pace and each human needs to be aware and sharp enough to accept new challenges. Now one person cannot survive while sitting in a corner and not interacting with the world. Now person B achieves what he wants but may be at a slow pace or may be facing the cruelty of the world. There is too much extra burden on him to face the challenges. Person B is always concerned how to improve him but don’t know the way out.


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