Our Greatest Problem

What do you think is the major problem of the world? Hunger, thirst, poverty, wars, morality or what. There must be a root cause, the only reason which left humans unanswered, unsatisfied, and utmost hopeless and at greatest conflicts. To me, I think above all of these biggest problems is COMMUNICATION GAP.

Reasons of Communication Gap:

  • Language
    There are many different languages and even different dialects in languages in the world. Language has limitations to express and communicate in clear and exact manner. Even people who speak the same language can misunderstand and misinterpret or manipulate interpretation of the statements made.
    Religious Books are the example people who believe the same book, yet interpret or manipulate interpretation in different ways that cause divisions. Thats why we see different sub-groupings, and denominations.
  • God
    Even God failed to communicate with the world in all respects, thats why we see different gods, religions, different ways that leads to Him. We follow Him in different ways. His truth is not crystal clear. There are doubts, unanswered questions and unfortunately we will live with all those blind faiths, unidentified truths, without proofs and we will never be answered in terms as we know 2 + 2 = 4.
  • Differences
    Unfortunately different cultures, ethnicities, colors, regions, languages, religions and others; their differences are not as indisputable or as tasteful or as subjective as different flavors of Vanilla or Strawberry.

This idea was also in Fulbright‘s mind. He was the senator who voted against the war of Vietnam. He realized people around the world have misunderstanding, myths and misconception about each other. They need to understand each other’s cultures, traditions, values and philosophies. Therefore he came up with this Fulbright Scholarship program, which gives opportunity to people around the world to come to United States for education, learn and understand about USA and let Americans learn and understand about the world.

We are so unfortunate that rather than enjoying diversity, we are always using it for justification of our superiority, power, control, hatred and bloodshed. This diversity is causing communication gap.

We may never overcome communication gap of language, God and certain differences but we can use love to overcome this.

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2 Responses to “Our Greatest Problem”

  1. lokigao Says:

    you are truly a philosopher, dude. But, you really think that tragedies like the War in Vietnam result from misunderstandings? I think languages, customs, and so on are only surface structures of human society. Deep in side, we are all the same. Check this video which emphasis the similarities of human being :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgps85scy1g
    it is really hilarious!

    oh, btw, this is Zhiyan speaking.. see ya!

  2. Faheem Says:

    This reminds me of this quot and song; what we’ve got here is “failure to communicate”

    Follow up of this song is a must; one of my favs

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