I’m HIV -ive, r u HIV -ive?

I am HIV negative, are you HIV negative? If you are not sure then better be sure. Go and take your HIV test its simple and easy (mouth swab and/or blood). Let me share what I have learned about HIV/AIDS.

Remember if you are HIV +ive it does not necessarily means that you have AIDS. If you are HIV +ive and you found it in early stages you have brighter chances to get treatment and stay safe and healthy.

Body fluids that contains HIV are blood, semen, vaginal fluid, preseminal fluid, and breast milk. You can get HIV/AIDS from all kinds of sexual relation, blood transfusion, needles, from mother to newly born baby, breastfeeding or exposure to the above mentioned bodily fluids.

  • It takes almost 6 months for HIV test to be +ive if you have exposed to HIV virus by any means.
  • if you are HIV +ive it may take upto 12 years to have AIDS.
  • Remember you can get HIV, from all kinds of sexual orientations.
  • You must be sure that your partner is HIV -ive before developing relationship.
  • The early diagnosis of being HIV +ive will help to be safe from AIDS.
  • Less alcoholism will help you to have positive choices and behavior in life.
  • Limited partner means you have low chances to exposure to HIV/AIDS.

Stay healthy, because there is no such thing in life as health.



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