Evolutionism vs Creationism

Intelligent Design VS Natural Selection

Issue: Intelligent design

There is intelligent design, and there must be some reason, there must be someone who is Intelligent.

Issue: Natural Selection

Conclusion: Intelligent design get fails when we see blinds, disables, deaf, beautiful vs ugly, different colors. Lets agree no one likes to be ugly, no one likes to be of dark complexion. So just believing its the diversity created by God is not enough for me or you to like or love ugly. There are proofs of evolution so I believe in evolution.

Issue: Christian fundamentalists and Evolution. God created the world TO LOVE.

Conclusion: No comments

Issue: Islam and Evolution. God created the world TO BE KNOWN.

No comments.

Issue: Religion is the cause of hate, differences, wars, discrimination, sufferings, blocks/groups, and reason of thinking being superior to others.

Conclusion: I agree religion is the major cause of hate, wars, differences, thinking of superiority, sufferings, pain, blocks/groups, and even we talk with all have friendships we still hold personal grudge, stereotypes, stigmas and hate for others. I wish this could end. I am trying to achieve that level of love, openness and acceptance.


Issue: There is no God

Conclusion: No one can prove there is no God

Issue: End of Faith

Conclusion: Extremists were always in almost every religion

Issue: Intolerance in religion

Conclusion: People should have freedom of practicing, choosing, converting and declaring to whatever faith they want to. Even atheist should have freedom to whatever they want to do.

Issue: What should we do believe Evolution or Intelligent design

Issue: Did Darwin kill God? [Please see full video all 6 parts]

Conclusion: I believe in Intelligent Design (60%) + Evolution + Bible + God in a way that beholds Bible and God at its superior level. There seems no conflict between Darwin’s theory of Evolution and God. There is no strong proof of God and so does that holds for Evolution in some other way. In the end its my belief, my center of comfort, my sole satisfaction, my utter reasoning of existence and feeling of protection and reason to feel I am not alone. There is only one God, the one WHO IS. Who says I AM. God created the world TO LOVE.


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