Artificial Vision/ Smart Vision

Problem Definition:

And will the sun ever shine
In the blind man’s eyes … [Micheal Jackson Album Invincible 2001]

Vision is the greatest blessing on earth. For visually impaired people commute is a tough job. People even with vision need navigators to guide them to move around. Visually impaired usually walk with white stick or dogs which by no means are intelligent the way we use our navigation. There is a need of a system which may help blinds to commute freely, easily and fearlessly. This system is by no means a system of The vOICe, Bionic eyes or brain implants to generate artificial vision. []


1. System will actually be a navigator for visually impaired people.
2. System will along with mapping and navigation will also guide walk through roads or tracks.
3. System must have to be effective, reliable, extensive with all possibilities to help blinds to walk, use public transport, go to restaurants, find places.
4. System will work using camera, gps, digital compass, Internet/WIFI, headphones, mic, mobile, may be blue tooth and intelligent software that will utilize these hardware to accomplish smart vision.
5. System may help recognize people just like TED Sixth sense. To help blinds to meet people outside.
6. System must guide the person while walking, finding places, guiding about roads directions and obstacles on the way, recalculating path.
7. System must be easy to use and light weight.
8. System must be kind of spectacles with camera, and attached headphones and mic.
9. User will communicate/instruct the system through voice and there may be a small console with keys or may a duped with sensors and keys.
10. System must alert the user about weather, emergency situations, road traffic, fire and other dangerous circumstances.
11. System must be an assistant like dogs but much more intelligent and aware of surroundings.
12. System must allow user to manage their profiles and configure their preferences using desktop machines.

Creative Commons License
Artificial Vision/ Smart Vision by Rehan Munir [Ryanwyan, renny, rennywenny, Renz] is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


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