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More or less with new task assigned we have to face new challenges. Especially we start thinking about questions who, what, why, how to solve problems. Recently I have been assigned a new task and I was getting troubled with questions who, what, why, how. I tried on my writing pad to figure out the solution. Sometimes we have all the resuable functions written and we need to integrate new modules/ features. But if things are tricky you need to think 100 times to get possible workable solution. I figured out a way at the verge when my nerves get frayed is to write pseudo-code in comments form so, i started commenting the code which yet not conceived, and talking with myself now this now that and all that I got is below:
load_note: function(note_id){
// get selected node
// has sub_nodes
// IS node expanded
// select notes modules
// if notes is expanded{
// select specified note}
// else get_notes{
// select specified note}
// get submodules
//select notes
// get all notes
// select specified notes

and got the desired solution

select_and_expand_node: function(node){
if(node != null){
this.get_nodes_data(node, this);

load_note: function(note_id){
var notes_module_node = null;
var selected_node = tree_view_ctrl.get_selected_node();
if(selected_node != null){
notes_module_node = selected_node.search_node(‘Notes’);
if(notes_module_node != null){
now it gave me pretty much idea of how to accomplish the desired functionality. I added more comments, more checks and figured out some repetitive code and created another function and in the end I got my way to solve the problem in less time.
Adding comments is another sub-task of developing nice code, which I sometimes hate why not I make function-names and variables-names so understandable to avoid commenting code no doubts there be pieces of code where commenting is inevitable but we can avoid as much as possible.
Try it…

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