December 13, 2007

Confession June 2002
I am feeling sorry
I know God I am sinner
In your grace I’ll be saved
I know God you only love me

My heart full of lust, ever bad dead
I walked against your will
I followed my own will
People are judging me, in their eyes hatred for me
Why are they judging me when they are to be judged by you?


My heart is crying, I know I am frail
My eyes are not pure, my body is not pure
No one is sincere, I am in despair
No one loves me, I need your care




December 13, 2007

Tabeer 27 April 2005


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December 13, 2007

Empathy June 2005

Long ago on my way to home
I met an angel with a crown

His face was pure and I fell down
I was speechless and just like a stone

Then angel smiled and I felt peace
I cried a lot and asked for help

But then I thought angel cannot be empathetic
And I was true he was sympathetic

I asked in wrath to angel why you are here
I prayed to God to send my late Mom

And why he sent an angel who can’t understand me
How can an angel counsel me the way my Mom did

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Hobson’s Choice

December 13, 2007

Hobson’s Choice May 2005

Life is more worse than you can think of it
And there is no escape unless you taste of it

I was hopeful of good in life but
I lost my passion when I was hurt

I delved in life to find delight
But then I realized its fruitless sought

Life sometimes dazzled us by its light
And these are delusions of our sight

Life was hobson’s choice for me to select
And even then it has no regret

Life is a certain je ne sais quois I thought
And whatever was worst it brought

Life is a deluge and I have no life-boat
All I have to do is, follow its rough route

hobson’s choice = The choice of taking what is offered or nothing at all
je ne sais quois= Something indescribable of high quality

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December 13, 2007

Me APRIL 2006

Have I been so brilliant?
And have I been so strong?
That makes me to think of it
That makes me so wrong
But I never been to there
And that makes me alone
And how then I feel so high in me?
And why I think been drawn?
No reason no specialty and no even a star
But how I feel inside of me someone holding on?

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December 13, 2007

Simply -01 DEC 2006

Moving in a circle of mine
And think all of me is divine

Oh this fallacy I enshrine
still its like a star to shine

But why you are saying its crime
when all of us live in such a sign

We are playing hoopla all the time
to lose or win and think winning is all mine

Look everything is not E=mc² done by Einstein
May be simply done with love of thine

sign = A gesture that is part of a sign language
sign language= Language expressed by visible hand gestures
hoopla= [Brit] Game in which a ring is thown to fall over an object and win it as a prize

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Automatic or manual NOESIS

November 14, 2007

Life is not just what our life is all about, or how we think life is, or how we see it or feel it. Life is combination of different colors, and these different colors switch our modes every moment we live i.e., when we see blue color our brain releases relaxing hormones. These different colors of life define our behaviors and our behaviors are defined by our philosophy that we have devised for our self-image about life. Our behavior does not necessarily depict to the external world what is inside of us. Suppose if I am laughing it does not necessarily mean that I am happy. To exactly and precisely infer any result from anyone’s behavior there are behavior determinants.

There are billion humans living in this world and still humans have feelings of loneliness and insecurities. There are people who are confident, bold and sharp enough to face the adversities and it seems they are mature and have learnt to live a life. But actually this is not the case. First let see other kind of people who are shy, diffident, timid and dull. But still they are living and fighting life for their survival. And it seems they are immature and are not ready to face the world or haven’t learnt much about life. But the question is still they are living and facing the world somehow. After so many years it became possible for me to learn what the possible reasons are and what exactly is true. First let’s consider there are two persons A and B. Person A is bold and confident and Person B is somewhat coward and timid. These two persons are given a task that is somewhat difficult to do. The two common features of both persons are: they are hardworking and consistent and focused towards their goals. Now let’s see what steps come to any human’s mind when he is assigned a difficult task:


Thanks to one of my friends who someday shared the above idea with me. This is how every automatic or manual cognitive process works. But the major difference between Person A and Person B is that of being unaware of these mental cognitive processes and being aware. Now there is one good and one sad news to Person B, he is very much aware of his mental noesis but unfortunately that awareness comes with one major fault and it is that his noesis is manual not automatic. Though even person A has so many incidences where his automatic noesis cannot cover every possible case and he has to manually deal with it. But still there is one assistant that is his automatic noesis that helps him deal with it. Life offers same challenges to everyone but the difference comes how we deal with them. It is not the case that Person B is not capable or don’t have special reason to live a life but the case is his manual noesis makes him somewhat slow and confused. Because Person A don’t have to do conscious processing about making decisions from simple one what he wants to eat while going out with his friends or colleagues.

But the greatest question is world is not the same, world is progressing at a very fast pace and each human needs to be aware and sharp enough to accept new challenges. Now one person cannot survive while sitting in a corner and not interacting with the world. Now person B achieves what he wants but may be at a slow pace or may be facing the cruelty of the world. There is too much extra burden on him to face the challenges. Person B is always concerned how to improve him but don’t know the way out.


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Annotate Coding

November 14, 2007

More or less with new task assigned we have to face new challenges. Especially we start thinking about questions who, what, why, how to solve problems. Recently I have been assigned a new task and I was getting troubled with questions who, what, why, how. I tried on my writing pad to figure out the solution. Sometimes we have all the resuable functions written and we need to integrate new modules/ features. But if things are tricky you need to think 100 times to get possible workable solution. I figured out a way at the verge when my nerves get frayed is to write pseudo-code in comments form so, i started commenting the code which yet not conceived, and talking with myself now this now that and all that I got is below:
load_note: function(note_id){
// get selected node
// has sub_nodes
// IS node expanded
// select notes modules
// if notes is expanded{
// select specified note}
// else get_notes{
// select specified note}
// get submodules
//select notes
// get all notes
// select specified notes

and got the desired solution

select_and_expand_node: function(node){
if(node != null){
this.get_nodes_data(node, this);

load_note: function(note_id){
var notes_module_node = null;
var selected_node = tree_view_ctrl.get_selected_node();
if(selected_node != null){
notes_module_node = selected_node.search_node(‘Notes’);
if(notes_module_node != null){
now it gave me pretty much idea of how to accomplish the desired functionality. I added more comments, more checks and figured out some repetitive code and created another function and in the end I got my way to solve the problem in less time.
Adding comments is another sub-task of developing nice code, which I sometimes hate why not I make function-names and variables-names so understandable to avoid commenting code no doubts there be pieces of code where commenting is inevitable but we can avoid as much as possible.
Try it…

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July 10, 2013


Smartphone Camera Twist

July 10, 2013

I do lots of self photography using my smart phone. And the bad thing is I cannot see how is the camera capturing photo. And if I use front camera it does not give good quality picture. Many people use to take pictures in front of mirror in their bathrooms. Why smartphones have front and back camera?

I came up with this simple solution, there should be only one camera that can be rotated to front and back position. This will help self photographers to see their picture while they are capturing. And good quality camera will be used both for video calls and capturing video/photos.

Here are the following drawings of the proposed designs:


Camera on the side corner rotatable.


Camera in the middle


Camera in the middle inside the frame.

Camera can be rotated automatically by selecting front/back camera option on phone screen. One camera will save space inside the phone, reduce some weight and high quality camera will be available both front and back side of phone.

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April 22, 2011

fikar apni zaat ki jaati nahain
dost dost na raha koi saathi nahain

baat itni bhi nahain koi mil na sakay
bus baat itni see hai koi raazi nahain

hain hum alag say juda say tu kya
bus daes apnay mein koi aesa dasi nahain

lakh arman lay kar phirtay raho yar
jab koi rooh itni bhi peasie nahain

yeh na kaho hamain dhang nahain wo rung nahain
ik dil hee tu hai masoom sa;hai phir bhi koi raazi nahain

phoonk phoonk kar qadam rakhatay rahay
shauq itna bhi na ho kay raha kuch baqi nahain

hain akaylay say majboor say masroor say
ab itna bhi kya; koi pyar ka bheykari nahain

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April 8, 2011

ہے کسی کو غم غریبی کا، اور کسی سے امیری سمبھالی نہیں جاتی

ہے کسی کو شکوہ چشم-ی-دید نہ ہونے کا، اور کسی سے نظر سمبھالی نہیں جاتی

ہے کسی کو اداسی تنہائی سے، اور کسی سے محفل سجائی نہیں جاتی

کچھ ہے کچھ نہیں ہے تو کیا، آئے آدم تیری ذات میں دنیا سمائی نہیں جاتی

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April 8, 2011

تھوڑا پانی تھوڑی ہوا بھی چاہیے
ایک تتلی ایک چڑیا بھی چاہیے

سوچ کے ساتھہ تدبیر بھی چاہیے
تھوڑا خواب تھوڑی تعبیر بھی چاہیے

سبب زندگی کا اور جواز موت کا بھی چاہیے
کوئی خیال کوئی آواز کوئی ساز بھی چاہیے

فقط اتنا ہی نہیں ایک زندگی اور بھی چاہیے
اپنا رنگ اپنا آسمان اپنی بدلی بھی چاہیے

کوئی گوشہ -ی-خاموش سا کونہ بھی چاہیے
صرف اپنے لئے نہیں سب کے لئے انصاف بھی چاہیے

اور اگر ہو سکے تو پیاس بوجھانےکو اک قطرہ بھی چاہیے
کوئی پتھر اٹھا لے اسس سے پہلے پاکیزگی بھی چاہیے

کوئی راگ بلبل کا کوئی انداز مور کا
کوئی ناچ کوئی ڈھنگ بھی چاہیے

اتنا ہی نہیں تیری قائنات سے
اپنے وجود کی قبولیت بھی چاہیے

2 July 2010

Cross mobile platform for web apps

January 25, 2011

Today’s greatest hype for developers is to develop applications for iPhone or Android devices. And greatest problem is to not approach broad markets but be specific to platforms or to keep different code bases.

Now focus should be more towards frameworks that provide leverage to develop web apps for all platforms with one code base and compile it to specific platforms.

So far we have major opensource frameworks that can help us deal with this situation. And these frameworks are:

Related Urls:

Our Greatest Problem

January 8, 2011

What do you think is the major problem of the world? Hunger, thirst, poverty, wars, morality or what. There must be a root cause, the only reason which left humans unanswered, unsatisfied, and utmost hopeless and at greatest conflicts. To me, I think above all of these biggest problems is COMMUNICATION GAP.

Reasons of Communication Gap:

  • Language
    There are many different languages and even different dialects in languages in the world. Language has limitations to express and communicate in clear and exact manner. Even people who speak the same language can misunderstand and misinterpret or manipulate interpretation of the statements made.
    Religious Books are the example people who believe the same book, yet interpret or manipulate interpretation in different ways that cause divisions. Thats why we see different sub-groupings, and denominations.
  • God
    Even God failed to communicate with the world in all respects, thats why we see different gods, religions, different ways that leads to Him. We follow Him in different ways. His truth is not crystal clear. There are doubts, unanswered questions and unfortunately we will live with all those blind faiths, unidentified truths, without proofs and we will never be answered in terms as we know 2 + 2 = 4.
  • Differences
    Unfortunately different cultures, ethnicities, colors, regions, languages, religions and others; their differences are not as indisputable or as tasteful or as subjective as different flavors of Vanilla or Strawberry.

This idea was also in Fulbright‘s mind. He was the senator who voted against the war of Vietnam. He realized people around the world have misunderstanding, myths and misconception about each other. They need to understand each other’s cultures, traditions, values and philosophies. Therefore he came up with this Fulbright Scholarship program, which gives opportunity to people around the world to come to United States for education, learn and understand about USA and let Americans learn and understand about the world.

We are so unfortunate that rather than enjoying diversity, we are always using it for justification of our superiority, power, control, hatred and bloodshed. This diversity is causing communication gap.

We may never overcome communication gap of language, God and certain differences but we can use love to overcome this.

A new improved innovative blog trend:

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October 23, 2010

تپتی ریت پر پاؤں رکھا نہیں جاتا , اتنی گرمی میں رہا نہیں جاتا
کون کہتا ہے snow storm ہے آ رہا , مجھ سے یہ جھوٹ سہا نہیں جاتا

پتا نہیں لوگ کیسے دیتے ہیں گالیاں , اررے مجھ سے تو الو-کا- پٹھہ بھی کہا نہیں جاتا
بڑے شوق سے بنایا میں نے chocolate cake , اتنا tasty کے خود سے بھی کھایا نہیں جاتا

ابے تم کون ہو میں کون ہوں بتاو ذرا , مجھ سے تو اپنا نام بھی یاد رکھا نہیں جاتا
یہ UML, ejb, design pattern, aur iphone sdk; کیا کرتے ہو بات , مجھ سے تو ‘Hello world’ بھی لکھا نہیں جاتا

اور اتنے ظالم کیوں ہو مارے ساتھ , اررے بھی اتنا ترس تو مجھے اپنے پر بھی نہیں جاتا
جان چھوڑاتے ہیں کیوں مجھ سے سب , اتنا بھی کیا کے ایک شعر بھی سنا نہیں جاتا

ارے نہ ہم فرشتے اور نہ ہی کوئی gentleman ہیں , بس اب اتنا بھی شریف بنا نہیں جاتا
لکھنے کو تو بہت کچھ لکھ دیں , پر اتنا بھی بد -تمیز ہوا نہیں جاتا

خبر ہے ہم کو یہ بات جو لکھ دی بری ہے , اسے mental torture بھی تو کہا نہیں
گلوکاروں اور شاعروں کو سلام ہے میرے ; سناتے ہیں سب کو , ہم نہیں وو کے اتنا بھی ڈھیٹ مجھ سے بنا نہیں جاتا

معلوم ہے کے آمد ہو رہی ہے شعروں کی ریحان
کو بھرا نہیں جاتا facebook کی feed پر یار اسطرح بھی

کچھ اسے کچھ ویسے کہ دیا ہم نے جو کہنا تھا , کے باز -اوقات سیدھے لفظوں میں کچھ کہا نہیں جاتا
ارے سنا ہے کے لوگ کہتے ہیں ہم پاگل ہیں , ارے بھی پاگلوں کو کبھی پاگل کہا نہیں جاتا

اور یہ جام پی لیا ہے ہم نے اب , اس کا نشہ بھی تو بنا کچھ کہے ا تا را نہیں جاتا
اور ملنگ کیا سا ییں بابا کیا ; کیا جانتے ہو تم , کچھ کھوے بغیر ایسا بنا نہیں جاتا

اور ہاں بڑے مصروف ہیں ہم ہر وقت
یہ مت سمجھنا کے ہم سے شعاری کے علاوہ کچھ کیا نہیں جاتا


October 22, 2010

جاؤ کے اب ہمیں انتظار نہیں بہار کا
نہ ہی کوئی مرہم -سبب رہا دل – بے قرار کا

وہ جوتشی دھوکے باز کسی اور ہی دیار کا
کے جس کی بات کا ہمیں برا اعتبار تھا

اور نہ کہو کے میں خود کا ہی قصور-وار تھا
ورنہ یہ جو اک بھرم کے ہوں خود کا ہمدرد ; وہ بھی بیکار تھا

ویسے کسی کے کہنے میں کہاں آتا یہ دل تھا
بڑے ہی غلط وقت پر رکھا بھرم اس یار کا

بڑی کہانی سناتے ہو ریحان کے جیسے تم جیسا کہاں کوئی انسان تھا
ہے ہمیں سب معلوم تمھارے چوپے کردار کا

لگے ہو سنانے یہ داستان جو وہ بھی کیا انداز تھا
لگا ہمیں کے جیسے سارا قصور تھا صرف اسی اک ذات کا

اور کر دو بس یہ یہ وہ وہ کر کے حال سنانے کا
کے تنگ آ گئے ہیں ہم کے پیالہ لبریز ہوا اپنی بھی برداشت کا

تھا جو بھی وہ ہے جو بھی یہ ; کر کے جتن دیکھا ہر بات کا
اب کیا کہتے ہو یار کیا چاہتے ہو ; کے کیا فایدہ اس بات کا

حقیقت سے بھاگ کر جو بنے رہے اک پھول گلاب کا
یہ بڑے دھوکے میں جو رکھا بڑا ہی جو ٹوٹنے کا خیال تھا

ہے امید کی پھر سے ; نہ کرنا اعتبار اس ہوا کا
کے ہمیں تو خیال ہے پھر اس بہتے ذرا – ا -اشکبار کا

نہ بنو اتنے بھی بھولے سے ; کیا حاصل اس نقاب کا
کے جواب دہ ہونا ہے بس تمہیں اپنے ہی رب کی ذات کا

Reasons of Silence

September 20, 2010
Silent dreams Silent wishes
here and there my passions

figuring out reasons out of no-reason
walking through the shadows of pain

forced to hope out of every despair
looking into others happiness to rescue me

shaded with tinged grace
yet forced to believe in

a thread from beginning to end
existed through all the gusts

no where seems to be my own world
its my wasted away, rusted away, expired version

even though masking morphed existence
uttered each alphabet yet no empathy

hidden selfish visionary; out of worldly cloud
belonging to myself yet belong to no one

neither sky neither space can hold
such an unworthy wreckage

mocked robbed polluted shattered
yet have to take in all breaths

no one can see beyond the vision of blind
yet believe we got eyes

haunted by chanted winds
still got rotten

complaining heaven endlessly
yet fallen short of glory

teach me only; the way you like
first take my soul inside of you

stepping out to dispute the realm
back to the whispers of my comfort zone

even then even then
no heart no ear no eye no thoughtfulness


Friday, September 17, 2010

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Social Networking a Failure for me

February 13, 2010
Social networking much of the hype, and reason to interact with friends across the world. It seems to be great mean to stay in touch with our old friends, ex-colleagues, relatives, family, and classmates. But what it is actually? How much it is benefiting us? And what I really expect from this another buzz word?

Mostly we share things youtube videos, blogs, gossips, comment on other photos ‘Wonderful’, ‘Awesome’ etc. even there is not much reason to comment. How much it is adding to our lives? In most cases the networking is usually with our friends and colleagues who already know whats running in our life and what great photography or research we have done.

To me it does add value to some extent and sometimes its just a routine now to check facebook, myspace, google buzz and others. But social networking is a failure since its not helping me beyond my existing real life social circle and even its making my existing social circle more virtual.

  • Is it possible to create new friends on the web?
  • Do we still need real world interaction to understand other humans and make them our friends?
  • What new social interactions it has developed?
  • How well it is defining new societies?
  • What benefit it is sharing with societies?
  • Was I able to find my true soul-mate (Whats the point interested in male/female 🙂 )?
  • Can I trust anyone on the web to call them my true friends?

It simply just giving me a mean to stay away from my friends & relatives because everything I can share virtually. And there is no way it is helping me to create new relationship but yeah social networking is helping me to stay in touch with my existing friends which is just another way of using phone, email or hanging out.

For me social networking is good in some way but still its not helping me in any special way. Or its not doing something great for me. We need some true mean of social networking in which we may be able to create web societies that actually contribute to our life and that does make a difference in others lives. Otherwise its just good mean to have some of our friends list in our mind & memories or in our facebook, orkut, or other social networking sites what difference does it make.

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Unboxing Life

November 21, 2009
I agree there may be a possibility of life on other planets, or there may be another universe other than our solar system. But I do not think that if we give theory of life on other planets then water is the only proof for survival of life. Scientific research is spending money wastefully to find water. There may be completely different means that are present for the survival of life on other planets or universe. We cannot necessarily relate our earth with other planets where life is possible.
There may be other sources that we may be unaware of; that can sustain and nourish life. We need to find life rather water. And even life that we assume exist on other planets may have very different and strange form than what we always try to relate with our earth. I doubt even if we find traces of water on other planets that can validate possibility of life as if its like Dead Sea on earth. Therefore we need to broaden our thinking and lets not try to relate life on earth with life on other planets or universes.
May be life on other planets is not a kind of life that we used to live. May be we can survive there or may be we cannot survive there but still other forms of life that belongs to that world can live happily there. May be those forms of life can survive on earth or they may cannot also survive on earth. I name this theory UnBoxing life. We do not have to box life in the very world we live in, let us unbox this concept and do not bound it with temperature, water and all the reasons we have for it on our planet earth.

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etiquette for recipient list in email

November 15, 2009
Email has revolutionized our way of communication. And we have learned formulas and etiquette to write salutations, professional or daily emails, email signatures (WiseStamp), benefits of subject.

We most of the time need to send email to more than one recipients, we create groups, or tend to add recipient email addresses. Many time I received email which the sender sent to other recipients including me. For example invitation to party, plan for going out, or news/event of something important. I always tend to notice the order my email address specified in the TO box. Somewhere this is the way I consider the order of my importance among other persons. Even when I used to send email, and if it happens that I have to send email to my supervisor among my friendly colleagues then I tend to specify the email address of my supervisor firstly. Even I also used to specify the email addresses in the order I feel importance of recipients or sometime I take revenge to the same person by mentioning his email address at the end.

Is this evil or good? Is this anything important to consider? I always followed this attitude whenever I receive group email or send email and tried to hide from all. One day my friend mentioned that he was listening some radio talk show about this issue of ordering email recipients. Then I figured out that I am not all alone in this world, and let it be acknowledged.

Now point is how to behave well and solve this problem in a more acceptable and ethical way. One most important ordering algorithm is to sort by alphabetic order. It worked when in my college we do team course projects, on time-sheet in office, title of book with coauthor names and many other places. So lets order alphabetically and get rid of this evil.

Everyday we all need our well-being increase to let us walk in life optimistically. May be with this small change we can relieve many people of that couple of seconds of frustration and judgment. There may be many places where specific order is required especially emailing in office to boss, or may be diplomatic emails. But if it is not the case then why should not we make alphabetic ordered list. Let us call this E for R (Etiquette for Recipient list).

And now I really demand a feature from all email applications to develop a feature of alphabetic ordering of recipient list. I have learned that as we are adding years in our life we are becoming more sophisticated. And our ways of social interactions are becoming more accessible, remote and more virtual reality. And there is growing burden to develop a sense of responsibility and etiquettes to be more acceptable and polite in versatile society.

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Never be a Communication Coward

Ethics of Group Discussions

October 30, 2009

After having experience of group discussions in my life, I always realize something is missing. The most important point that we all need to learn and master; its the ethics and rules to follow in group discussion. Even normal topics that are not sensitive; still they can be dragged to disagreement and hard talk. We all have natural tendency to be defensive and egoistic, so be careful in group discussions. Following are the golden & ethical rules of group discussion (they do not apply to all group discussions for example, office meeting):


  • We should respect each others opinion.
  • You must be a good listener.
  • Do not laugh unless participant is making a joke.
  • Never blame participants. For example, You do not understand. You have not learned. You are wrong. You are so ignorant. Your thinking is negative.
  • Be respectful to all participants.
  • No personal attacks on a person’s intelligence, background, way of speaking, etc. Ref1
  • Give respect to other participants by listening carefully others no matter how hard it is for you to digest it. Remember your stomach is weak thats your problem.

Equal Rights:

  • Allow participants to express completely.
  • Do not think you are intelligent, or who knows more and have better understand, do not bet it.
  • Speak with facts and reasoning.
  • Out of Line Comments: “That’s a dumb idea;” “You don’t know what you’re talking about;” “It figures a man/woman would say that”. Ref1
  • Speak on your turn.
  • Be polite, humble and accepting.

Positive behavior:

  • Do not be emotional, remember everyone is emotional being.
  • Behave rationally.
  • Raise your hand if you have to say something.
  • Speak on your turn.
  • Do not yell.


  • There is high possibility of disagreement. Again follow you do not have to impose your opinion.
  • Enjoy diversity, differences and complexity of topic.
  • You can disagree in a polite way. For example, What I think so, this is true in that way.
  • You do not necessarily have to accept others opinion, but you have to listen how others perceive differently.
  • You donot have to impose your point of view, you have to just express and explain your point of view.
  • Allow every participant to express his opinion.
  • When you disagree with someone, make sure that you make a difference between criticizing someones idea and the person themselves. Ref2



I’m HIV -ive, r u HIV -ive?

October 30, 2009
I am HIV negative, are you HIV negative? If you are not sure then better be sure. Go and take your HIV test its simple and easy (mouth swab and/or blood). Let me share what I have learned about HIV/AIDS.

Remember if you are HIV +ive it does not necessarily means that you have AIDS. If you are HIV +ive and you found it in early stages you have brighter chances to get treatment and stay safe and healthy.

Body fluids that contains HIV are blood, semen, vaginal fluid, preseminal fluid, and breast milk. You can get HIV/AIDS from all kinds of sexual relation, blood transfusion, needles, from mother to newly born baby, breastfeeding or exposure to the above mentioned bodily fluids.

  • It takes almost 6 months for HIV test to be +ive if you have exposed to HIV virus by any means.
  • if you are HIV +ive it may take upto 12 years to have AIDS.
  • Remember you can get HIV, from all kinds of sexual orientations.
  • You must be sure that your partner is HIV -ive before developing relationship.
  • The early diagnosis of being HIV +ive will help to be safe from AIDS.
  • Less alcoholism will help you to have positive choices and behavior in life.
  • Limited partner means you have low chances to exposure to HIV/AIDS.

Stay healthy, because there is no such thing in life as health.


Evolutionism vs Creationism

October 9, 2009

Intelligent Design VS Natural Selection

Issue: Intelligent design

There is intelligent design, and there must be some reason, there must be someone who is Intelligent.

Issue: Natural Selection

Conclusion: Intelligent design get fails when we see blinds, disables, deaf, beautiful vs ugly, different colors. Lets agree no one likes to be ugly, no one likes to be of dark complexion. So just believing its the diversity created by God is not enough for me or you to like or love ugly. There are proofs of evolution so I believe in evolution.

Issue: Christian fundamentalists and Evolution. God created the world TO LOVE.

Conclusion: No comments

Issue: Islam and Evolution. God created the world TO BE KNOWN.

No comments.

Issue: Religion is the cause of hate, differences, wars, discrimination, sufferings, blocks/groups, and reason of thinking being superior to others.

Conclusion: I agree religion is the major cause of hate, wars, differences, thinking of superiority, sufferings, pain, blocks/groups, and even we talk with all have friendships we still hold personal grudge, stereotypes, stigmas and hate for others. I wish this could end. I am trying to achieve that level of love, openness and acceptance.


Issue: There is no God

Conclusion: No one can prove there is no God

Issue: End of Faith

Conclusion: Extremists were always in almost every religion

Issue: Intolerance in religion

Conclusion: People should have freedom of practicing, choosing, converting and declaring to whatever faith they want to. Even atheist should have freedom to whatever they want to do.

Issue: What should we do believe Evolution or Intelligent design

Issue: Did Darwin kill God? [Please see full video all 6 parts]

Conclusion: I believe in Intelligent Design (60%) + Evolution + Bible + God in a way that beholds Bible and God at its superior level. There seems no conflict between Darwin’s theory of Evolution and God. There is no strong proof of God and so does that holds for Evolution in some other way. In the end its my belief, my center of comfort, my sole satisfaction, my utter reasoning of existence and feeling of protection and reason to feel I am not alone. There is only one God, the one WHO IS. Who says I AM. God created the world TO LOVE.

Artificial Vision/ Smart Vision

September 10, 2009

Problem Definition:

And will the sun ever shine
In the blind man’s eyes … [Micheal Jackson Album Invincible 2001]

Vision is the greatest blessing on earth. For visually impaired people commute is a tough job. People even with vision need navigators to guide them to move around. Visually impaired usually walk with white stick or dogs which by no means are intelligent the way we use our navigation. There is a need of a system which may help blinds to commute freely, easily and fearlessly. This system is by no means a system of The vOICe, Bionic eyes or brain implants to generate artificial vision. []


1. System will actually be a navigator for visually impaired people.
2. System will along with mapping and navigation will also guide walk through roads or tracks.
3. System must have to be effective, reliable, extensive with all possibilities to help blinds to walk, use public transport, go to restaurants, find places.
4. System will work using camera, gps, digital compass, Internet/WIFI, headphones, mic, mobile, may be blue tooth and intelligent software that will utilize these hardware to accomplish smart vision.
5. System may help recognize people just like TED Sixth sense. To help blinds to meet people outside.
6. System must guide the person while walking, finding places, guiding about roads directions and obstacles on the way, recalculating path.
7. System must be easy to use and light weight.
8. System must be kind of spectacles with camera, and attached headphones and mic.
9. User will communicate/instruct the system through voice and there may be a small console with keys or may a duped with sensors and keys.
10. System must alert the user about weather, emergency situations, road traffic, fire and other dangerous circumstances.
11. System must be an assistant like dogs but much more intelligent and aware of surroundings.
12. System must allow user to manage their profiles and configure their preferences using desktop machines.

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